Welcome to Tresses & Colours, Voted Best Hair Salon in Oakdale!

At Tresses & Colours, we’re not your average salon—we’re a team of passionate individuals dedicated to providing you with a personalized experience like no other. Our commitment to excellence and innovative techniques has earned us the honor of being voted the Best Hair Salon in Oakdale, and we’re humbled by the support of our valued customers.

Here, you’ll find more than just a salon; you’ll discover a close-knit team of caring professionals who are dedicated to listening to your needs and bringing your hair dreams to life. Our approach is personalized, our techniques are innovative, and our commitment to exceeding your expectations is unwavering.

When you step through our doors, you’re embarking on a journey of transformation. Whether you’re looking for a bold new color, a fresh haircut, or expert styling for a special occasion, we’re here to make it happen. Trust us with your hair, and you’ll discover a newfound love and confidence like never before.

Thank you for choosing us as the best, and we’re excited to continue exceeding your expectations every time you visit Tresses & Colours!

Who We Are

Professional hairstyist

Tresses & Colours Salon has been  servicing  their clients for over 28 years. Louise,  the owner has dedicated her life to hair as an art always searching and educating herself and staff looking for and creating the next hair trend. 

Our beauty services are handled by trained professionals who will consult, design and introduce you to styling products and tools to maintain a look that’s right for you.

We are also the Home Of  Sonny & Dew,  Our Award Winning Natural Handmade Product Line, for many great reasons! From moisturizing body butters, exfoliating body scrubs to handmade natural soaps, which are not only made with natural ingredients, but a whole lotta TLC, too! 

We don’t look at our products as luxuries. Instead, we believe them to be essential ingredients to create a long, happy, and healthy lifestyle. Our products will enrich your everyday life on even the smallest levels. 



Our beauty services are handled by trained professionals who will consult, design and introduce you to styling products and tools to maintain a look that’s right for you


Trim Your Tresses


Trim & Style Your Tresses


Style Your Tresses



Consult Includes:

Color Matching 



$25  & UP


Retouch Your Tresses


Corrective Colouring (Consult Required)



Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout



In-Salon Training

1 Hours Of Makeup Training   

1 Hour Of Hair Styling Training 

In Salon Training

If you can’t figure out how to get that look….. mayne it time we help you! 

Our in salon training we show you how then you get to show us how. 









Hilighting Treatments



Money Piece Highlights 

$95 & Up



Full Head Hilights

$145 & Up





$150 & Up



Money Piece Highlights

The ‘money piece’ refers to a coloring technique in which the front hairline is lightened to frame the face and freshen your overall hair color. By focusing the lighter shade at just the front of the hairline, it creates an immediate frame for the face in a subtle yet head-turning way

What is Hourglass Highlights?
Hourglass highlights are the most commonly used highlighting service and are great when you are looking to
add a little something to your hair. This technique is done by using foils or balayage where the highlights are
placed mostly around the face and crown of the head. hourglass highlights will add dimension to your hair, leaving the underside of your hair natural (or with a base color through a single-process color service giving your hair a thicker, fuller appearance.

What are Full Highlights?
Full highlights are for clients who wants to lightness throughout the hair. This will give all over brightness
but with less dimension than partial highlights.

Hourglass or full highlights tend to be lower maintenance giving you the freedom to schedule
your upcoming appointment when it works best for you.

Roots Are In!
True but not without some professional help! Skip the not-so-attractive contrast between dark roots
and light ends that happens as your highlights or color treatment grows out. Ombre elevates the contrast
to an art form by adding layers and strands of darker and lighter color in a way that creates a totally natural
and high-style look.

Ombre is a beautiful hair-color effect that is widely seen on celebrities and is a fabulous look for the woman of any age.

Long, medium, short… whichever hair length yours happens to be, ombre can look beautiful on you.
If you’re a brunette your ombre will fade into a lighter shade. Ombre can be done throughout the ends of
your hair or for a more subtle, toned-down look it can be placed strategically in a few sections. It can look
beautiful when placed around the face. Ombre can add to your style by letting colors peak through or by
simply putting a spin on things.

The Beauty of Balayage
Balayage allows a stylist to work as a true artiste – your hair becomes the canvas and the color brush
is like a paint brush. Your stylist will “paint” on your highlights using the freehand technique. The results
are beautiful and very natural looking.
Balayage is a great solution for transitioning hair through a “grow out” period or making it possible to go
longer between color treatments.
Balayage won’t need to be touched up or maintained as much as other hair color techniques because the
look is very natural, as though you were born with it or just spent a lot of time allowing the sun to kiss
your hair.