Eyelashes, Make-up & Skincare


Eyelash & Makeup Specialist

Certified mua
NYS Licensed esthetician
Certified lash technician
Certified wax specialist


Permanent lash extensions are glued to your real lashes to make your eye lashes look natural and simply amazing. This treatment will also make your eyes look opened up without the aid of any makeup. Upkeep is every two weeks.


Bi-Weekly Fill……..$35

Tri-Weekly Fill…….$45


After Three Weeks A Full Set Is Needed.

Lash LIft & Tint……………………….$90


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Full Set Of Classic Lashes
3- Fill Ins (Every 3 Weeks)
3-Eyebrow Shaping & Wax
Regular Price-$236.00
Club Price- $195.00


Full Set Of Volume Lash Exension
3- Fill ins (Every 3 Weeks)
3- Eyebrow Shaping & Wax
Regular Price-$356.00
Club Price-$275.00


Full Set Of Classic Lash Extensions 6- Fill Ins (every 3 Week )
6- Eyebrow Shaping & Wax
Regular Price-$375.00
Club Price-$300.00


3 Facials (1 Per Month)
3 Blowouts (1 Per Month)

Regular Price-$ 285.00

Club Price-$225.00

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The Perfect Facial

If your skin is looking less than its best, it’s time to consider a facial treatment with Tresses & Colours.  We’re dedicated to helping our clients feel pampered. Everyday stress can negatively affect your skin’s condition, but our affordable facials will be designed to help repair and rejuvenate your face today and protect it in the future. We understand the importance of feeling great, and we’ll offer a variety of facial treatments to help you keep your skin in the best possible condition. Our services include:


Anti-Aging facial


Glycolic Acid Wash 

You Glow Girl Toner 

Perk Me Up Scrub 

Hy-Lift Mask 

Liquid Lift Serum

Wrinkle Avenger Moisturizer

Berry Moisturizied Eye Cream

Glass Skin Facial

Glycolic Acid Wash 

You Glow Girl Toner 

Charcoal Rub Scrub 

Charcoal Facial Mask 

Glass Skin

Vitami C serum

Berry Moisturizied Eye

Soothe & Protect

Oatmeal Face Wash 

You Glow Girl Toner 

Perk Me Up Scrub 

Oatmeal Face Mask 

Berry Moisturized Eye 

Lift Me Up Moiturizer