Dream Catchers Extensions


Our extensions are reusable so they can be enjoyed for up to 2 years.


The best indicator of hair quality is the intactness of the hair cuticles.


Clean, easy and non-damaging.

Colours & Styles

50 Colours and 4 Styles to choose from. We create a Look just For You. *Naturals *Gingers *Ombres *Balayages *Pastels *Fun Colors *Wavy or Straight *Custom Colors *Multiple Color Shades

What To expect !

Free Consult

When you set up your consult, Please allow at least a half hour. Please Bring your favorite pictures. 

WHat Look Are you going for

We want you to have the look of your dreams. 

Let's build your perfect look.

K-Tip & Weft

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WHat Is I-Tip Extensions?

Our I-Tips are unique among similar products for two reasons: the micro-cylinders and the tip of the extension itself. Our specially crafted & patented microcylinders are reusable, making the maintenance process far gentler on hair. The tip is bonded with polyurethane. The great thing about this is it melts at such a higher heat than any salon tools we use, the bond will never glue to your real hair. The polyurethane is also flexible so it flattens with the micro-cylinder and then regains shape when released. This puts less tension on the hair & acts as a cushion. 

available in 20″ & 24″ Lengths 


DreamCatchers Tape extensions are the same quality hair as the I-Tip as well as reusable. We have added a unique protective mesh netting in the tape for durability and longevity. 

DreamCatchers hair is reusable. Our exclusive tipping system doesn’t damage the extensions, or your hair. This allows you to re-use the same extensions month after month (in some cases 2 years or more), so your clients get the extended enjoyment of amazing looking hair.

Our hair is 100% silicone free – unlike the glue-in systems which are usually dipped in silicone to create the illusion of silky shiny hair (which washes out and drops performance dramatically after a few washes), DreamCatchers hair is of such a premium quality that they perform without losing their luster.

available in 20″ Length

Rainbow of Colors

With over 50 colors and blends, DreamCatchers is the perfect solution to achieve any look.

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our lineup: the DreamCatchers Wefting method. This innovative system offers the same high-quality results you love from hand-tied extensions but with a new twist.

Our DreamCatchers Wefting method features a single weft of hair that is delicately sewn onto a beaded foundation. These wefts are incredibly lightweight, measuring just 11 inches wide and weighing only 30 grams. Despite their delicate appearance, they are incredibly durable and offer the same level of quality you expect from hand-tied extensions.